Monday, January 23, 2023

Bully! A Splendid Little War

The charge up an obscure Cuban hill on July, 1 1898 was a pivotal point in Theodore Roosevelt's political career. When war broke with Spain in April of that year, Roosevelt was serving as Assistant Secretary of the Navy. He immediately quit his position and helped form a regiment of volunteers. The "Rough Riders" enlisted cowboys and college men led by Roosevelt under the command of Leonard Wood. They arrived in Cuba in time to take part in the Battle of San Juan Hill.

Read the actual account of the battle of San Juan Hill and compare it to the video.

1) Was the film historically accurate?

2) What is the 'bias' of both accounts?

3) What information was intentionally left out?  Why?

4) How would the story be different if the Spanish were telling it?

5) Who were the real heroes of San Juan Hill?  Why aren't they included in the accounts?


  1. He should not have received the medal of honor. He did not do as much as others did and he felt entitled to it, and acting childish and selfish to get it.

  2. No, he shouldn't have because in a way he disrespected the other soldiers that risked their lives at that war. He said that he deserved the medal of honor and in comparison to other soldiers that fought in the war and received it, he is way too cocky about wanting it. No soldier goes into war and then demands the medal of honor. You go to war to protect your country and to have a job. You wouldn't go to your job on the first day and demand a 5 dollar raise would you? That's be ridiculous and Roosevelt demanding the medal is nothing short of ridiculous.