Friday, November 13, 2020

Presidential Immigration Stories

Is immigration good or bad for the USA?  Why?         Take the Poll

1) What were the reasons for President Trump's grandfather immigrating to US?

2) What was his experience getting into this country?

3) How did the family do since coming to the United States?

4) What is Upward Mobility?

5) Would the President's Grandfather still be welcome here under his own immigration policy?

7) How has VP Harris' experience shaped her policy toward immigration?

Write at least four sensory statements around the figures regarding their views on immigration.  (How do they feel about immigration?  Would they think it was good or bad? What do they say about their children's/ grandchildren's policy toward immigrants?  What do they hear from their voters?)



Friday, March 20, 2020

Who Was Rube Goldberg?

RUBE GOLDBERG (1883-1970) was a cartoonist, an inventor, and the only person ever to be listed in Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary as an adjective. Of the nearly 50,000 cartoons he drew in his lifetime, Rube is best known for the zany contraptions of Professor Butts. These inventions, also known as Rube Goldberg Machines, solved a simple task in the most overcomplicated, inefficient, and hilarious way possible.

Take a look at these example Rube Goldberg cartoons and then draw and label a simple kinetic sculpture commemorating the causes of the Great Depression.

The parts of a kinetic sculpture are constantly moving. For example, a ball might hit a lever that sets off a pulley. The pulley might, in turn, pull a bucket that dumps water on a paddle wheel. The paddle wheel creates another movement. Different actions can take place independently of one another as well. But all the actions together have a combined result.

At least one part on your sculpture must represent each Key Content Term from Chapter 30. These terms may appear on your machine in any order.  You can submit your drawing on TCI, or draw it on paper, snap a photo, and email it with subject line 'Rube Goldberg.'

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Letters From the Trenches

In class we have experienced the devastating effect WWI including rat-infested trenches, machine guns,  and poisonous gas.

How was propaganda perhaps the most dangerous weapon of all?

Write a letter of your own from the trenches describing the conditions and your experiences.
 How would you respond to the German Kaiser?  Be sure to include why you feel it is important to keep fighting (or not).