Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Doris Miller

In 1941, Miller was a 22-year-old mess attendant on the USS West Virginia. At the time, black sailors were consigned to roles in the messman branch — work that entailed swabbing decks, cooking and shining officers' shoes.

He had awoken at 6 a.m. and was collecting laundry when the Japanese attack began and an alarm sounded on the ship, according to the Navy. Miller headed to the antiaircraft battery magazine, but it had already been destroyed by torpedo damage. He proceeded to the deck, where he was assigned to carry his wounded comrades, including the ship's captain. Miller was strong: a former high school football player in Waco, Texas, he was the ship's heavyweight boxing champion.

"Miller went topside, carried wounded on his shoulders, made several trips up and down, wading through waist-deep water, oil-slicked decks, struggling uphill on slick decks," Navy Rear Adm. John Fuller said in 2016.

The young sailor then took over a .50-caliber anti-aircraft machine gun and fired it until the ammunition ran out. No matter that he'd never been trained on the weapon.


  1. 1. An Unsung Hero is a person who has achieved great things. So helpful.

    2. He had to be assigned to carry the wounded people to safety. He was given the stamp because of all of his help he did.

    3. They offered them freedom. The black press

    4. It was a slogan and drive to promote the fight for democracy in oversea campaigns and at the home front in the United States for African Americans during World War II.

    5. He gets his name on the aircraft carrier. I do agree because he was the hero of the pearl harbor which is a big deal.

  2. 1. Someone who does something amazing
    2. Help rescue the wounded
    3. Freedom was offered. But the black troops still were discriminated.
    4. An ad which was to promote democracy on the home front for african americans
    5. A boat was given his name. I agree with this because a hero from any military stress should be rewarded.

  3. 1 A person who has done amazing things or self sacrifice, yet is not recognized.

    2 Black sailor 22 year old, mess attendant, was a black soldier and he was a heavyweight boxing champion. He proceeded to the deck, where he was assigned to carry his wounded comrades, including the ship's captain. HE got on the 50 caliber anti aircraft gun and shot it until there is no ammunition left.

    3 There freedom, the black press activists put pressure on the U.S. government to allow African-American
    soldiers to “fight like men,” side by side with white troops.
    4 A campaign for freedom segregation and discrimination. It stood for two victory's, one was for black Americans a victory at home and one was a victory of abroad.

    5 They named a ship, and a aircraft carrier after him. yes I do agree.