Monday, May 7, 2018

Nixon's Rise and Fall

Some historians argue that Richard Nixon’s early experiences in politics had a significanteffect on the way he acted as president.

He faced a difficult road in his pursuit of the presidency, as well as numerous challengesonce elected president. As a result, somehistorians believe Nixon took any action toremain president, even if that action was unethical and against the law.

Whether seen as a skillful politician or a manipulative one, Nixon experienced both accomplishments and controversies aspresident.

Read the Chapter 53 intro and answer these questions.

What is a Presidential Approval Rating?

How did the 'Checkers Speech' affect Nixon's approval rating?

What is Donald Trump's approval rating?  How does it compare to Nixons?  

What scandals does President Trump face?  Predict how they will affect his approval.

What was the Watergate Scandal?  How did it change the way we view the President of the United States?

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