Tuesday, May 10, 2022

The 60's

There has never been a decade quite like the sixties; the diversity, conflicts, hope, anger, the music. The 60s decade was a decade of change. Not only were those changes evident in pop culture, music, & fashions;  they changed the course of history.

As you watch the film in class read the corresponding sections in the text:

41.3 Marriage Families and a 'Baby Boom'

44  Civil Rights Revolution: "Like A Mighty Stream"

45.1 Redefining Equality: From Black Power to Affirmative Action

49 Emergence of a Counterculture

50 - The United States Gets Involved in Vietnam

51.4 Growing Opposition to the War

Answer these questions in your final essay.  One paragraph per answer.

I. Why did the counterculture fall apart?

II. Were the 60's good or bad for America? Why?

III.  What lessons did the 60's teach us?

IV,  Which character in the film did you relate to most?  If you were them what would you have done differently?

V. Would you have wanted to live during the 60's?  Why or Why not?


  1. 1. The drug addictions and death rates increased a lot. It showed us how bad drugs were and it was not a good thing. People slowly realized that and made changed.
    2. Good and bad. Good-- for the Civil Rights Act, the awareness of different cultures, religions, lifestyles and alternate ways of life. Bad-- The drugs and all the deaths, the Vietnam War, the assassinations of John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King.ass
    3. We can not just live free and careless, we have to be responsible of what we do and say.
    4. The hippies-- I like to relax and have fun but I would never do the drugs and smoke like they did. But I also like the soldiers, but I would not want to be a soldier.
    5.No, I would not because there was a draft and I would not want to be around all the drugs.