Friday, May 12, 2017

Does the End Justify the Means?

The survivors of the atomic bombing were scarred for life, mentally and physically. No passage of time, however long, can relieve their memories. The scars on their faces, hands, and legs bear witness to that. In the vicissitudes of the last forty years, they must have struggled with recurring memories of their fears. The event at Hiroshima did not end in 1945; but began a new historical era leading toward the twenty-first century. It is certain that Hiroshima still exists in each one of us.

Given that the Atomic Bomb literally vaporized thousands of people its amazing that anything survived.These items found amidst the ruins of Hiroshima offer a startling reminder of the destructiveness of the bomb; not just on buildings and bridges but on real people.

1) Why are these stories and images important in preventing future nuclear attacks?

2) How many nuclear attacks have happened since?

3)Was the attack on Hiroshima a crime against humanity?

4) Does this story change your original opinion about the bomb?